Throughout the year we have many events planned.

Bible study

During our bible study, we try to understand what message the Bible conveys for us. We join together without the boundaries of any religion or race but with the belief that Christ has died for the entire humanity. Join us! We will start with a warm meal. Contact: - Rev Taco Smit or Fr Avin - for more information

Venue: Online

Day: Thursday

Time: 18:30

Choir Practice - Sunday Service in Delft

On Saturday evenings we have choir practices in one of the choir members house. It is a chance for us to take a break away from the routines of the week and relax and enjoy some good songs. Sometimes one of us will surprise the rest with a new song from their country. This often goes into the choir book so that the people who continues on can enjoy them as well. If you want to be part of the choir and be informed about the other choir related activities send us an email and we can include you in the choir emails. Disclaimer: We are not professionals and solely do it for fun and to get better. So anyone who wants to try it out are welcome.

Venue: Online

Day: Saturdays

Time: 19:00

Global Meeting Point

Global meeting point is a forum to promote dialogue between students from diverse ethnic, linguistic, religious and regional background.  It is very common to stereotype a particular nationality or about a particular race or their habit from what we see on television and read about them on the internet. But when we encounter someone from that culture we are totally taken back . Join us! We will start with a simple meal!

Day: Once a month usually - For COVID19 we don't have this activity

Sunday Service in English Delft

This is where we pray on Sundays, this is where students from many nations discover that they are not alone in a strange land, this is what we have been calling; Home away from Home! since 1981. "In this strange and distant land the world prays hand in hand!" Come see us each and every Sunday and do not feel shy to bring a friend. Shared prayers are a smile to the Lord and consolation to family and friends far away

Venue: Online

Day: Sunday

Time: 11:30

Upcoming Events