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Elsa Turcios

Elsa Turcios

2 min read

30 August, 2020

Coming into a new place to start a new adventure is as exciting as it is nerve-wrecking. Most Challenging during corona times. Every one of us came to this lovely city of Delft with a specific purpose, yet we still hope to enjoy life on the side, making the best of each day we have in this city.

We gladly welcome you to ISC Delft, where we celebrate English services every Sunday. You can join us to make the best of the days together in Delft! We are a group of happy people, mostly students and young professionals, who love God and love people.

Our purpose is to create a loving community that international students can call second home while being away from their first home. Through our Sunday services and various activities such as singing, potlucks, bible chats, we bring students together, celebrate diversity, and strive to create peace by being in peace with ourselves and the people around us.

Our English mass is on the first and third Sunday of the month with Fr Avin, SVD, and the second and fourth Sunday of the month is a Protestant service with Rev Taco. If there is a Fifth Sunday in the month, we do Taizé Services or we prepare a service with no pastor or priest. All our services start at 11:30 am on Sundays in Franciscus and Clara Kerk. Click here to get the address: . Currently, we also make our best to stream the service online using this link:

We also have bible chats on Thursday evenings online (due to Corona regulations) from 20:00 - 20:45. One Thursday the bible chat is led by Fr Avin and the next is Rev Taco. You can use this link to join:

If you like to sing or just hear songs in different languages, you can join us on Wednesday from 20:45- 21:30 using this link:

If you have any questions, you can also drop us an email: or you can look for us on Facebook:

This can be your home away from home! Don't be shy and join us :)


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