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Gisbertus Hermans

Gisbertus Hermans

2 min read

13 February, 2017

This is a third part of the series on ISC Delft's history. Click here to read the first part, and here for the second part. 

Was there always a choir?

The new millennium also brought about the formation of the Choir by the two unforgettable sisters, the Koppers girls. Little could they even assume how this would become the cement between the ISC chapel walls. If ISC Delft claims to be a global family, its Choir may claim to be a family within the family. I would not hesitate to call it the ISC Delft phenomena, may all of you that read this help to maintain and protect it in favor of future generation students and to all who shared their prayers, their joys and frustration of living in a strange land THANK YOU.

  And who put the hymn book together?

The hymn book was put together over the year by several people, but special thanks to Maria Parra from Colombia, who did most of the work. She joined ISC Delft shortly after the Kopper sisters and after her studies she started to work for the Dutch company Shell. She has a Dutch passport now and works in Qatar since 2014.

 And of course what is your favorite song from the book?

Lord of the Dance \[Song 113 in the book]. And you know why? In the early Raamstraat time we had a family from Zimbabwe. They had two very sweet and funny daughters. They sang the song and danced too. It was magical. God must have seen that as well, because later the family moved from Delft to Canada.  Lord of the Dance is a happy, inspiring, contagious and makes the dark side of life fade away. It makes God smile.

Who did design the current logo? Were there other logo’s before?

The first ISC logo was designed by Indonesian (student) now Ir. Denny Thajanto, currently living in Sweden, it symbolized the heartfelt unity of global students. It was later, call it evolution of sentiments from three to five people, symbolizing the five continents of the world, uniting in Raamstraat Delft. It was Bolivian Paola Medina Mendoza, wife of IHE Master student Ricardo Gonzales Flores now working for the U.N. based in Rome.

As priorities changed in the Development Aid of the Dutch Government, so did the IHE student population, at first very Oriental oriented it switched to Latin America and Africa, more so when IHE moved from TUDelft to UNESCO as leading financier which too changed our ISC Delft population into a truly more global setting, thus the Logo adjustment from three to five continents was wise and needed.


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Gisbertus Hermans

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