Coming into a new place to start a new adventure is as exciting as it is nerve-wrecking. Every one of us came to this lovely city of Delft with a specific purpose, yet we still hope to enjoy life on the side, making the best of each day we have in this city.

We gladly welcome you to ISC, to make the best of the days together in Delft! We are a group of happy people, mostly students, who love God and love people.

Our purpose is to create a loving community that international students can call second home while being away from their first home. Through our Sunday services and various activities, we bring students together, celebrate diversity, and strive to create peace by being in peace with ourselves and the people around us.

Daily Bible Reading

My guilt has overwhelmed me like a burden too heavy to bear. In you, Lord, I put my hope; you, Lord my God, will give answer. (Psalms 38)

Song of the week

Recent Articles

2016 National Summer Retreat Weekend - Sources of Inspiration

The national summer weekend retreat organised by ISC Delft community, with the theme “Sources of Inspiration”, was attended by people from eight countries, during the second weekend of July. The main purpose of the retreat was to encourage the participants to introspect and search for their sources… Read more

Challenges and Changes

This is a second part of the series on ISC Delft's history. Please click here to go to the start of the series. In 1988, the services moved to Raamstraat. Why did you leave Oude Delft?   Was finding a new location the hardest challenge that ISC has faced as a student church? (if not, what is the… Read more

History ISC Delft

If you go to the Raamstraat church on Sundays 11:30 AM, you will meet many students from different countries, following different studies, and from different Christian denominations. All of them, despite their differences, worship together the Christian faith. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month… Read more

The Little Things That Matter

This is a third part of the series on ISC Delft's history. Click here to read the first part, and here for the second part.  Was there always a choir?   And who put the hymn book together?  And of course what is your favorite song from the book? Who did design the current logo? Were there other… Read more

The start of ISC Delft

If you missed our introduction to this interview, you can read it here. Dear Henk, you have been involved as a volunteer since 1981, the start of the first English services in ISC Delft. How did it all start? What was the idea to start with English services? After Father van Dongen transferred from… Read more

King and Queen of Netherlands in Delhi

Mohan has been a loyal f ISC member since many years ago. He was honored to be part of the five-day state visit to India of the King and Queen of Netherlands in Delhi. After touching down in New Delhi, the King and Qeen Willem-Alexander and Maxima were welcome by president Ram Nath Kovind and prime… Read more